Our Services

If you think that the Flexible Learning Portal is of interest to you, then we stand ready to help. As a small company we cannot “do the whole job” for you, but we certainly would love to work with you, - if you decide to get going with with our Flexible Learning solution.


Here is how we can assist:

1. If you have the time available and the skills of a web-master, - some knowledge about Linux servers, domains and web hosting, - and understand the basics of HTML and PHP, then you can buy our How to build a Flexible Learning Portal guide. It gives a broad outline guidance on how to set up a REDHAT/CENTOS-7 Virtual Private Server and the main components/software that must be obtained and installed.

2. If you do not want to go ahead from scratch as outlined above, - we can do it for you. Per agreement we can arrange everything necessary to get your portal up and running on a VPS (recommended) according to your needs. We can also maintain the installation with backups and software maintenance/updates as necessary.

3. We can also, per agreement, give advice and services related to development of your courses and deploy them to the portal.

And there may be other ways we can support. To start our relationship, please use our Contact Form for initial contact. Also feel free to Register and drop us some comments at our Community page on this site. We look forward to seeing you on the web :-)

Want to find out more? CONTACT US NOW.